Plan of action

To sum things up, there are a few steps we have to take in the future to simply progress in the right direction. The temperatures will rise no matter what we do, and we have to prepare for it. There is one specific measure we can take to prevent the rising of temperatures and that is to plant forest on a massive scale. Forests will help us increase our oxygenelevels, eat the carbon dioxide that makes our temperature on earth rise and create a safe habitat for our plants and animals. This is the most important action we can take to prevent future problems.

Another measure we can and must resort to is to create furtile lands, this means making the soils of our earth fertile again. This is possible by for example using bladder wrack, which can turn an unusable soil into a furtile space of land again. Recently a norweigan scientist made a huge discovery concerning how to turn sand into furtile soil, watch his findins on TED talks below on this page.

Finally we must learn how to use our saltwater, which will be abundant for us in the future to come. We must learn how to turn saltwater into fresh water, it can be done through desalination and this is already being practiced in parts of the world, to separate the salt and the water to create fresh drinking water. But we must also beware of the future of possible acidic water due to rising temperatures, how do we change this water back to it's original state?

Last but definetly not least is the fact that we have to learn how to grow food produce in saltwater, this is already being done with rice in China and there are successful tries of this cultivation in the USA on making tomatoes grow in saltwater. This could change the future for starving people in hot countries where crops are difficult to grow.


1. Plant trees on a massive scale on earth.

2. Make soils furtile again.

3. Use saltwater to produce drinking water and food crops.

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Turning sand into furtile soil

Ole Morten Olesen describes how he and his father realized how to turn sand into furtile soil in one simple trick!