Conclusions on Climate Change

At this point, in 2022, we are quite clear on what the future might bring as far as climate change goes. The situation is really dire, and we need to utilize all our forces to stop our own carbon emissions, making temperatures on earth rise alarmingly since the 1950s. We are now heading towards tipping points, critical points on earth where climate change is taking place which will have a massive impact on the world's global weather situation. Really it is the weather we have to be concerned about first off but then it could trigger other phenomena as well like volcanoes and earthquakes. In a way, this is already happening...

Well, all is not lost, we still have 10 years to turn our ship around when it comes to carbon emissions to bring our temperture down again. But if we pass two degrees (which could be a real fact in 10 years time), the tipping points will generate extreme weather events and this process has already started as we saw last year in the US (extremly hot summers and extremly cold winters). What these weather events have in common is that they are unstable, extreme in temperature either hot or cold and causing us to lose control over our day-to-day activities. We will be in a state of rebuilding our lives which never ends when climate decides to overtake us again and again.

Basically, the future is likely to be one of two degrees warming within 20 years for sure, it will be impossible to avoid the tipping points is the conclusion here. But the question is rather when we will see this happening...could we slow this down but limiting our global emissions? And how long will that last?

At the same time we are in the end of an ice-age believe it or not, and this means that we are prone to ice and snow accumulating especially north of the equator. If the mexican golf current that warms the pacific ocean stops or slows down significantly this snowstorm event could become reality. If this scenario sets in we will have a slowing down in global temperature, but still, we up here in the north will then experience extreme weather events in the form of continuing snowstorms and maybe non-existent summers or seasons.

Please listen to Johan Rockström as he explains how the global population should look at the current global situation and his solution for limiting our carbon emissions in time.

Johan Rockström - the swedish climate scientist explains our mission of reducing carbon emissions until the year 2050

Johan Rockström explains the global climate situation and our mission on reducing carbon emissions until 2050.

Sky news explains what we are facing at 2 degrees warming

Sky news explain how we humans face overheating, storms and the extinction of animal species on our earth at two degrees.

Tippings points on a global scale, causing our weather to become uncontrollable.

Tippings points on a global scale, causing our weather to become uncontrollable.

One last warning!

When we hit 2 degrees the phytoplankton of our oceans, responsible for 50 % of our oxygene here on earth, will begin to die on a massive scale being sensitive to temperature rise. This is pivetal and we could risk suffocation here on earth at that point.

We already lost 40 % of this essential marine population and we risk losing all of them as temperatures rise.

This is something that is quite new news in the media, but it is a scary fact we must face already now...

Not only do we have to change weather patterns by lowering our emissions but we have to save the phytoplankton as well if survival here on earth is to be assured.

Remember that the phytoplankton transforms as much carbon dioxide as the our global forests here on earth. Saving them is a crucial part of our carbon free future.

Source: 2022-01-17