The Antarctic is melting and will disappear in the near future causing a huge sea level rise and a raising of our global temperature.

All ice is melting causing higher temperatures and flooding

The fact now is that all ice on earth is melting, this is unfortunetly clear now since the "rest" of southern Antarctica still seemingly intact also has begun melting. The pace of the melting process is also speeding up. During 1979 and 1989 the Antarctica has melted 40 billion tons of its ice and since 2009 the pace is even more furious melting 252 billion tons per year.

There is now no way of stopping the methanegas in Siberia after the raging forest fires, causing the permafrost in the ground to melt. This will cause a massive emission that speeds up the global warming faster than a regular emission of carbondioxide would.

It is now a fact, our world is facing higher temperatures which will cause unstable so called extreme weather in the form of massive rainfall and hurricanes.

The melting ice on Antarctica and Greenland will cause the sea level to rise, as scientits have estimated now a 2 meter sea level rise until the year 2100. But considering the heavy rainfall of near future this might not be the only flooding we will experience.

If the temperature here on earth reaches 4 degrees celcius (7.2 degrees Fahrenheit) it could cause enough sea level rise to flood land inhabited by 760 million people. At a temperature rise of only 2 degrees we will see a flooding causing "only" 130 million people to lose their homes around the world.

Please visit this swedish homepage with data on sea level rise:

But also, take into account the fact that heavy rainfalls also will have a flooding effect. The earth is facing a sealevel rise at the same time as massive rainfalls, the flooding is something which could have a very devestating effect on us in the future.

In the end, all ice will melt here on earth, there is no stopping the temperature from rising, we can only try to slow it down. Due to the suns increasing heat, temperatures on earth will continue to rise. After a four degree rise the ice sheets on earth risk melting all together, and then gradually we will experience a sea level rise of 65 meters. This will make the land on earth sink into the ocean. We wont have much or anything left.

Sources: Google Earth. 2021-08-05


Source: Statista, 2021. This picture shows how people initially will be affected by sea level rise, until the year 2100.

Greenlands ice melting will cause sea level rise

Greenlands ice melting will cause sea level rise eventually forcing 360 million people in coastal cities to lose their homes.

Antarctica as it was melting in 2018 at an alarming rate

Antarctica was melting at a three times faster pace than ever before in 2018, listen to what their estimates were back then.

How to prepare yourself in case of a sudden flooding