Agricultural effects

NASA has done a study on how the development of our agriculture will be when it comes to crops. We will see a decrease in maize at a level of about 24 % globally. This will happen in the year 2030 already. NASA also claims that wheat could see a rise of 17 % globally starting in 2030, but the overall trend in the world's crops is a negative one. Crops are basically drying out due to climate change, rises in global temperature are effecting our crops long term all over the world.

One solution would be to start growing crops in saltwater, it's a soil that never changes here on earth. In the future that will be basically what we have left after our lands become completly dried out or simply overflooded.

It's really time to be creative, we might have grow our foods in new ways to survive. Making soils more fertile will be a temporary solution, but using sea weed to increase the capacity of soil is what we also can resort to until we've mastered the art of salt water cultivation in time for seeing our soils become completely dried out, something that is already playing out.

Source: 2022-03-21

Until the year 2080 northern countries will have to be responsible for growing enough food for the population.

Crops are very sensitive to weather changes, what will happen when we see more extreme weather events...

Growing food with saltwater could help really dry regions to make it possible to grow food despite unbearable temperatures.

A new species of rice can grow in salt water and is being cultivated now in China.